Yoga, Breath & Mindfulness Practices

Prescribed For You — By You

with Veazey Nevitt


All Ages All Bodies All Levels

Yoga is a tool that anyone can use. Yoga doesn’t require you to be flexible, strong, athletic, young, bendy or fluid, but it does require your focus — on you. When you are focusing on youself, you choose what you need. It can be challenging if you need to create strength, it can be supportive if you wish to create ease, or it can be relaxing if you choose to soften your body and let go.


From One Student to Another

Although I am a certified yoga instructor, 99% of what I teach, I learned as a student not from the hundreds of hours I’ve spent training to be a teacher. I am forever a student: listening, watching, practicing, training and sharing every tool in my toolbox. This website is my toolbox, a collection of my teachings, the music I practice to and the things I come across that inspire me. You and I are the same, you inspire me as much as I inspire you, reach out to me with any questions, comments or ideas. Namaste.


Be the best version of you, everyday

Thoughts, words or actions, repeated a few times, will cause your brain to make the connection to that particular thing stronger, creating a habit or tendency. If you wish to improve upon yourself, you must first see yourself exactly as you are. Yoga enables you to take a closer look at yourself and the way you tick. This gives you insight about all of your tiny little tendencies. And in return grants you the opportunity to make new choices or to form new tendencies according to what the best version of you would choose today.