The Power of Manifestation


Every single moment in your life has been manifested by all that came before that moment.

Before you were born, your parents manifested you through thoughts, words and actions. Once you were born, between you, your parents and the world, your present was manifested.

The balance of power we have to create a life we desire and that is supported by the soul of the world shifts throughout our lives. The smaller you are, the less of an impact you have on the world so most everything that came to be for you in your life as a child came more from your parents and their relationship with the world than it came from you. As an adult, you have the power to impact the world on a greater scale just by understanding your place in it. Your power grows with your knowledge, your exploration and your observation of life and the world in which you live. So naturally, as you mature, physically and mentally, you gain power.

Power isn’t something that can be managed well by many, it takes a graceful finesse to use it in a beautiful, purposeful way. For example, give a child too much power to make decisions for him or herself and the child will almost certainly not use this power for the greater good of his or her world, but merely the greater feel good of his or herself because a child knows it’s place in the world as very big and important, in the small group of eyes that is looking upon him or her.

The more you mature, the more you see how your impact on the world can be much greater on others than it can be on yourself. That knowledge is power, but only maturity and good intentions can show you how to use that power responsibly. When you’re a teenager, and some how some way you turned out to be “cool” you can use that power to keep that status and show everyone how cool you are, or, you can use that cool power to show everyone who’s looking at you how kindness to and appreciation for everyone makes you exponentially “cooler”.

Power also comes to you when you’re high up in a company, appearing you are in a successful place. Or it comes to you when you have children. Or you become a teacher. Power is granted when people are looking at you and what you think, say and do matters to the people looking at you. How you use your power, what you see in yourself, and who you think you are, will be the deciding factors of what you manifest in your life.

When you’re the coolest guy in your school and you think, “because I’m so cool, the hottest girl in school should be my girlfriend.” So you go after that girl that is the most flattering and she says “yes” to being your girlfriend because you are the coolest guy in school, then you have used your power to solely benefit yourself.

When what you see in yourself is uncertainty; and you think you are “cool” because other people said you are; and you use your cool status to justify in your mind that you deserve or need something; thus trying to keep that image that other people have of you, that you have now made for yourself; then, everything you think, say and do, depends on what other people think. It’s not what you think, because you are uncertain so you just went along with the crowd.

The soul of the world IS knowledge, it’s consciousness, it’s wisdom. The soul of the world is God, it is love, it is TRUTH. TRUTH sees your every thought, your every word, and your every action. Eventually, the hottest girl in school will see the TRUTH behind the coolest guy in school’s actions. The truth will always be revealed in time.

So the present moment you are living in, IS your TRUTH. It is your manifestation that has been created through your thoughts, words, actions, power, truth and time. To manifest a present for yourself that is your definition of ‘heaven on earth’ you must find a deep sense of balance rooted into where you came from, everything you’ve been through to get yourself here, and how well you absorb the truth about all of those manifesting forces.

Every single thing you think, say and do has an impact on yourself and the ocean of life that exists in this world. Can you see yourself in the flow and see the waves you are making by being you? Do you accept responsibility for the way the water flows through you and the ripple you put out? Will you embrace the TRUTH that the impact you have on this world, is solely created by you over the time you spend alive here?


I do.
I do.
I do.

I see, I accept, and I embrace the truth.

Do you?

* note: Sometime between Sept 16th and Sept 18th of 2012, this picture was taken by a dear friend of mine. It marks a special moment in time for me because it was the moment I woke the cuss up and started manifesting this reality that is passing in front of me now. I thought about, worked towards, and created this into truth. and it only took 5 years 🙂 if you know me, if you know what i’m working on, if you could see the support i’m receiving from this community, and how happy I am in my life, then you also know… this is my heaven on earth.


Inspiration Within Us All

Inspiration comes in many forms, but the greatest form it comes from is within people. People inspire people. Just by being one possible human, you inspire what is possible for others too. It’s not about becoming a clone of people you admire most, it’s about seeing the little things each individual person does that you feel you can take and do something with yourself.

One of my greatest inspirations comes from writers like Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book “Big Magic” is a testament to what she knows to be true, inspiration flows through all of us. She talks about revealing the hidden treasure within yourself and dares you to have the courage to let whatever it is within you shine big and bright for the world to see.

I draw inspiration from people’s stories, from hearing their “why”, from hearing what drives them to do the big magical things they do. When i see why they do what they do, i look within myself to discover my own “why” and how to serve, contribute and make a difference to all that “why” that is so important to me and me alone. This lights my inspiration, my passion, and my drive ablaze.

Peach’s Need Feet is a non-profit organization that I have seen grow and bloom over and over again throughout the years. I love the family and tribe that runs it and they show me on a daily basis how to get things done, through very hard work, and fiery passion. I’ve also seen the many yoga studios I’ve worked in or practiced in grow and bloom throughout the years and I’ve come to see what it takes and how time and time again I would like to do things differently.

Since moving to this amazing small town of Salina, Kansas I’ve found the courage to finally take steps towards uncovering the treasure within myself. I’ve decided to say out loud “I am going to open a non-profit yoga and art studio”. Wooo it’s still scary to say that and put it out there but, I’m brave, I’m courageous and my why is shining big and bright for me to see every single day.

Am I ready for the hard work and challenges it will take to make this dream, this plan, come to life? HELL NO. But I’m not scared of hard work and challenges. I’m ready to step up to the plate and start swinging. I can’t always hit homeruns and there is always the possibility of striking out but like Elizabeth Gilbert says, ideas (inspirations) want to be made real, and if I don’t act on this dream that is buried deep within my heart it will go somewhere else and find someone else to bring it to life. I don’t want my idea or my inspiration to leave me, I want to let it flow out of me so that I can inspire others to do the same. So here goes nothin… or rather here goes EVERYTHING.

Handstand Tips & Tricks


Commitment is probably the most challenging part to improving your handstand practice. It feels awesome to hear people say my handstands inspire them but i want to tell you, your greatest inspiration for standing on your hands will always be YOU. Once you see what you can do, you will re-inspire yourself again and again to explore more of what you are capable of. Then when you find something you aren’t able to do, you’ll have that back up strength, drive and confidence from all that stuff you know you can already do, so it won’t be long before you can do this too.

The truth is, commitments are so cussing hard (at least they are for me anyway…) and it doesn’t take just one commitment to improve upon your handstands, it takes many.

You gotta commit to accept everything, to be totally cool with yourself as you are, in every moment of your practice. Commit to imperfection, to falling, to failure. You have to commit knowing you could get hurt, you can always get hurt. You have to commit to celebrating baby wins. Commit to possibility. Commit to “it doesn’t matter if it looks pretty”. Commit to taking pictures to celebrate your victories but more importantly so that you can see room for improvement. Commit to control. Commit to patience. Commit to working through frustration. Commit to ending your handstand practice when you finally nail something you’ve been working for even if it cuts your practice short — use the time you would have practiced to celebrate somehow later in the day, just to keep the truth in your head that YOU DID IT. Commit to returning to your practice tomorrow. Commit to falling on your face, falling flat on your back, and commit to picking yourself back up. Commit to feeling disappointed in yourself when you don’t practice. But, commit to being light hearted with yourself since your committing to practice something hella hard #everydamnday. Commit to control (i know i already mentioned that). Commit to control, commit to control, commit to control to minimize risk of injury. Only do what you are ready for but do take yourself to exhaustion in a safe way. Commit to play, play everyday if you can. Commit to hard work. And commit to continuously stoking the fire within you — you know you can do this — because you can, you just have to fucking COMMIT.

I also wrote about what it takes to commit — check out Motivation to Move

Pull In, Push Down, & Stretch Up

When you’re NOT practicing handstands, THINK handstands. While arm balancing, you need to be able to PULL your core IN, PUSH DOWN into the ground, and STRETCH UP. And these 3 tiny little things, take a great amount of effort. So… start practicing. This video demonstrates just 4 poses. You can THINK handstand at any time in any active pose (i think… i haven’t tested this).

The video starts with Mountain pose: 1. PULL IN – you are basically flexing your abs as hard as you can but think about pulling in rather then squeezing. First squeeze your abs in as hard as you can, then from deep within your spine, pull the whole ab region in tighter, like you’re trying to condense yourself into the most solid firm trunk possible.

Immediately after pulling everything in, 2. PUSH DOWN and 3. STRETCH UP simultaneously – in your feet, with ALL of your might from both of your legs, push down into your feet. Every muscle in your legs firm and holding strong. Hips stay steady. Stretch your spine from your hips to the top of your neck as long as possible. Deep within the core, use the muscles surrounding your spine, to STRETCH your back straight UP through the tip top crown of your head.

After trying this you might be thinking “handstanding is easier than this!” and you might be right, but THIS prepares your body for THAT. Bring this into your yoga practice so that when you get the chance to catch some hang time in class, your body is prepared, your muscles are alert and active, ready to fire at will.

These practices are great for short term preparation to practice handstands AND for long term continued use of the muscles it takes to stand on your hards for longer amounts of time.

… i almost forgot to mention, use this when you practice handstands! when you’re upside down, PULL IN, PUSH DOWN, AND STRETCH UP for as long as you can, as often as you can. You will be able to feel when you’re muscles become too fatigued to do this and start letting go — remember, the less control you have of your body the higher the risk of injury. Keep wearing yourself out so that you feel fatigued, but practice safely so that you can continue to practice.

Wrist Warm up Exercises

These exercises should wear you the cuss out, if they don’t use more power! Squeeze until you cramp or shake, put as much effort in as you possible can.

1. Controlled articular rotations (CARs) start with you arms straight forward about shoulder height. Squeeze to keep arms firm and elbows straight. Palms face away fingertips point down. Squeeze and hold the position at your end range. Starting with the finger tips, slowly start to curl your fingers up into fists. Then roll the fists over top of the wrist and pull the palm / fist towards the underside of your wrist as firmly as possible. Keep this palm to wrist hold and rotate the fists in towards one another continuing the rotation until you can’t rotate anymore. Squeeze at that end range then slowly return the back until inner elbows are pointing up. Extend the wrists back out palm facing away and unclench the fingers last. Without going limp, repeat (3 reps total).

2. Passive to active end range wrist extension. Take your hands together in front of your chest like prayer hands then slide your right hand up so the palm of your right hand is pressing into the fingers of your left. Push right palm into the fingers and create a deep passive (meaning you are doing no work with the left wrist) stretch as far as you can comfortably go and hold for 5-10 seconds. Slowly pull your right palm away from the left fingers but keep your left hand in that same position without your right hand doing the work, squeeze with all your might to HOLD that position for 5-10 seconds. Slowly return the palm of the right hand to the fingers of the left and create that passive pressure once again. Relax the left wrist completely, stay for 5-10 seconds and repeat 5 times. When finished switch wrists and work the right.

3. Passive to active end range wrist flexion. Same as 2 but now flex the left wrist with the fingers pointing straight down. Palm of the right hand meets the back of the left hand. Just like the last exercise push the pal of your right hand into the back of the left creating pressure as hard as you can comfortably push and hold 5–10 seconds. Slowly pull the palm away from the back of hand but hold the left wrist position with ALL of your might. Make yourself shake you are trying to hard. Hold 5-10 seconds then repeat (3 reps total).

4. Active end range wrist extension. Position yourself on all 4s hands shoulder width apart, fingers separated. Push down with ALL of your might from your arms, palms, base of the fingers, middle finger knuckles and finger tips. EVERYTHING is pushing down, while you lean into this wrist flexion with your shoulders pressing over or past your wrists. Hold the press for 15 seconds then without shifting your weight and with all of your might, pull the back of the hands and fingers away from the ground. Tip your shoulders back towards your feet ONLY enough for your palm to lift off the floor 1 centimeter. Hold for 15 seconds trying not to let your palm touch the floor. Repeat until you have pushed down 3 times and pulled back 3 times (it should take 1 min and 30 seconds on a stop watch).

5. Active end range wrist flexion. Position yourself on all 4s or something similar but turn the palms of the hands to face up with the backs of the hands on the floor near or around your knees. *** Note: you might need a yoga mat, or folded towel between the back of your hand and a hard floor. Push down with ALL of your might into the floor with the backs of your hands. Keep your arms straight and hold for 15 seconds. Keeping the same position pull your palms upward, away from the floor. Attempting to keep a flat hand, lean your shoulders forward just enough for the backs of the hands to lift off the floor. Hold tight for 15 seconds then return your shoulders back to the previous position and begin pushing the backs of the hands into the ground. Repeat until you have pushed down 3 times and pulled up 3 times (it should take 1 min and 30 seconds on a stop watch).

Do these exercises as often as you can. At least once a day, best before attempting handstands. I also use them between sets of other exercises in my handstand practice. The more the better and feel free to play with the angles of your arms, wrists and hands i.e. arms over your head, fingers turned out. continuously try to strengthen your wrists if you plan to play with putting your entire body’s weight into your hands and then holding it for any significant amount of time.

Most importantly, give your wrists time to strengthen and gain flexibility on their own terms. Don’t push them too far too fast.

Downward Facing Push-ups

My aim is handstand push-ups but i have a looooooog way to go. So in the mean time, I’ll work towards them using some downward facing dog push-ups for a while. This video just shows 3 variations of down dog push-ups. Because they are not easy, you can start to feel the work from your knees and work your way up to your hands like i did in this video. You can also use a block if you know you cannot go down to the floor and change the height of the block according to your current abilities.

Keep your wrists and elbows stationary but bend the elbows to lower the head and shoulders forward. If you try a variation with your hands out wide, this probably wont work the same but you can use your own judgement on how to move through the position as long as you remember to CONTROL THE MOVEMENT. That’s really what it is all about, controlling this movement will help you in your quest to stand on your hands.

Motivation to Move

i asked my yogi email list if there was anything anyone was curious about and one of my friends asked me two things, 1. for tips on working towards handstand poses and 2. (my words) how do you light a fire under your ass to get “moving”?

there are so many answers to these questions, my answer to #2 is my first answer to #1, so i’m starting my handstands tips and tricks there.

so how do you light a fire under your ass to get yourself moving? i think it boils down to a few key elements: accountability, discipline, will, and desire. if you’ve got 3 of those 4 goin strong, you’ll find that motivation you need because that IS your fire.

accountability only works if you are the kind of person that means what you say, and doesn’t make a commitment without considering the challenges and choosing to truly stick to it, regardless of those challenges that will occur.

discipline, a choice you make without letting your emotions, excuses or limitations get in the way. it’s almost not even a choice at all because you are more than 100% committed to IT. IT just IS what you do, IT becomes part of you.

will is like drive. the inner, mindful, heartfelt stuff that keeps you going. will is often the spark of the fire. it’s determination, it’s like the motor that propels your soul to continuously gain and to continuously grow.

desire goes deeper than just what you “want”. every single experience and influence throughout your entire life shapes what your desires become. listen to the desires of your heart & the desires of your mind to see what continuously shows up.

here’s how 3 out of 4 work for me:
my accountability – my mate and i go to the gym every morning at 5am. we hold each other accountable for waking up to get there. it’s an unspoken agreement between the two of us that we don’t break. having another person grants easy accountability but personal accountability is a whole other ballgame. i’ve put myself out there on the web and social media displaying my intentions to share my yoga practice. because i’m the kind of person that means what I say, i feel shitty when i don’t follow through.

my discipline – my discipline is shit. the reason i go to the gym at 5am every morning is because my mate does. i want to, but i just cannot make myself do it like he does (thank goodness for accountability!). so i piggyback off his discipline since mine is #weaksauce.

my will – i have a strong will to “live the highest vision of what is possible” (inga grace) and “to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that [i] have lived and lived well” (ralph waldo emerson). my strong will seems like a natural and instinctive thing for me, no work required.

my desires – they are many, but when it comes to my body, i have to do what i can. i’ve got things that hurt, and swell, and frustrate the cuss out of me, seemingly many things that are not possible for me but my stronger desire to explore what IS possible, shows up constantly. yoga is my outlet in that way, you never get to the end of mastering yoga, so there is endless possibility. when mindful movements and body control are my focus, i can do SO much that the things i can’t do seem like very little. i have desire to constantly be curious, and to consistently grow, but my ultimate, motivating desire is to stay comfortable in my body for as long as i live. mindful movement and mindful eating grants me that desire, and gaining strength only further improves my level of comfort.

if you can’t commit, your gains and improvements will take longer and may not be supported (meaning potential injury). ^^^ this ^^^ is how i light a fire under my ass and how i recommend you commit to your own practice, whatever it is. if you can’t apply 3 out of 4 of these things to your motivation to handstand (or to do whatever you’re looking to do), find something else that you can motivate yourself to do.

Light as a feather, bright as a lighthouse


33 year old me decided she wants bangs like 5 year old me used to have. This got me thinkin about being 5 and every year in between then and now. At 5 the worries were few, the giggles were nothing but genuine and my faith was strong. By faith I mean, I felt safe with little fear, I believed everything would be ok even though that wasn’t a conscious thought I had. When I was 5 humanity was only good, I had no sense of the negative things humanity is capable of (even though the cartoons were trying to tell me). I also had no sense of how complicated living on this planet could be.

In the space between when I was 5 and now my eyes have been opened to more than I could imagine existed at 5. I’ve worried about things I fear and I’ve lost sleep over things I made up in my head. I’ve worried about what people think of me, I’ve worried about the many choices Ive made, I’ve worried about the choices other people have made, I’ve even worried about the things we didn’t choose. I’ve worried about not being loved, and I’ve worried about not having someone to love.

I find many things humorous, there’s always something in any given moment that can make me smile but child-like uncontrollable giggle laughter has lessened more and more throughout the years. These days I only get a deep belly laugh from time to time. Since 5, I have become more serious and have laughed at fewer and fewer things. Since then I’ve even developed a phony laugh for when I want people to think I think it’s funny. Every time I catch myself doing the phony laugh I get mad at myself. And every time I eat magic (aka poisonous) mushrooms I giggle like a jovial 5 year old for hours.

Since I was 5 my faith has risen and fallen in countless waves from my not believing in anything good at all to feeling like I could walk off a cliff and a yellow brick road would appear under my feet. I’ve had many moments of despair and a few moments of deep surrender. But my greatest test of faith lies in people. I’ve had varying opinions and fluctuating thoughts about the humans of the earth. I’ve hated everyone, but I’ve fallen in love with complete strangers. I’ve loved everyone, but despised someone I called my friend. I’ve misunderstood, shunned, and lashed out at people yet been kind on a regular basis. I’ve passive aggressively pushed people out of my life yet I have enough compassion to understand almost everyone. I have been disappointed in people over and over and over again but I still have faith in mankind.

There’s been moments that have swept me off my feet and held me upside down. Many times I’ve had to refocus and start to see things from that upside down point of view. I’ve had moments I felt I couldn’t trust my own brain and I couldn’t hear my own hearts desire. In many instances I’ve felt strong with my feet steady on the ground, confident and ready for anything life might throw at me. But sometimes I get really comfortable and very attached to things as they are. So attached, that the experience of detachment felt like it ripped part of my heart out. I’ve had moments where everything my heart had to say was loud and clear. Then moments I was going through the muck and everything my heart said was muffled or indecipherable.

I’ve had many moments where I doubted myself, my abilities and my own knowledge. There’s also been many times that I have been my own greatest cheerleader, teacher and friend. I’ve felt the paralyzing detriment of fear. I’ve felt the warmth of unconditional love, the power of self love and the truth that I need way more of the latter on a daily basis. I’ve been depressed, deflated, flattened and worthless but I’ve picked myself back up with the many tools I’ve collected for my own empowerment and enlightenment. I’ve become my own light to shine in my own darkness. I’ve taken control of the life I thought wasn’t really mine to have.

And with all this experience under my belt, I’ve come to be more like the 5 year old me again that I had lost touch with between then and now. My worries are few because my faith is so strong. Not only do I believe everything will be ok, I believe, despite the good, the bad, the ugly and peoples opinions of it all, that everything that ever has been, everything that is now, and everything that ever will be, is just perfect as it is and as it comes. I can giggle at everything because life is so peculiar and funny again. My thoughts on humanity are that I know what humans are capable of, extreme good as well as extreme evil. Keeping every possibility in mind, I still have great hope that good will triumph and humans will continue to grow, adapt and evolve within and without destruction and change. And even though since the age of 5 I have seen the complexities that “life” is made up of, I’ve come back around and it’s all so simple again. All there is to do is show up, do my best, and surrender the outcome. That’s how you become light as a feather and as bright as a lighthouse, just like a 5 year old.


Loss & Abundance

796Deep South Flooding
Max Becherer AP Photo

loss seems to be a frequent experience these days. right this minute there is flooding here where i live and fires in california. and i’m sure there are many more things going on in the world at this very moment destroying lives or what we have worked so hard for, and simultaneously creating the experience we feel as “loss”.

before we installed all this cement here, the earth would do what it needed to cleanse itself from time to time. almost like mother nature intends to kill the life that cannot survive extreme conditions. like she means to actually destroy some things in order to clear and cleanse the space to make room for new growth, for new life to flourish.

fires have burned the land long before man was around to try and stop them from burning. forest fires are necessary to promote new growth and regardless if men try to control it or not, fires will burn.

since we are creatures of the earth, and the earth needs to be cleared and cleansed from time to time, we are meant to experience that with the earth. when the earth is cleansing and clearing, we are going to be cleansed and cleared with it.

what we should remember is that, the reason we experience loss, is because we have created things to lose. we took from the earth we live on and we have created more things than could ever be counted. we even take mates and create new life.

we have created tools for survival. we have created inventions for efficiency. we have invented things to do the work for us. we have built homes, and gardens and farms so that we can stay in one place. in our homes we’ve even saved space to collect the things that we may or may not have any use for. we have engineered machines and tracks for machines to move us great distances that our feet could never take us to. and what an amazing life and opportunity to get to experience all that mankind has to offer here and now.

but with all of this creating and collecting of possessions, we have accumulated things to lose. we are born onto this planet with only our own skin and bones and we take nothing more with us when we die. therefore everything we call our own, is truly borrowed from the earth.

and whether or not we borrow from earth or we don’t, mother nature will continue to find balance by any means necessary. the earth has no concern with what lives and what dies. and the earth doesn’t have a human mind to pay attention to our desire to hold onto possessions.

the earth, does what it does to maintain balance with and without respect to human kind. we could be angry with mother nature for the death, destruction and loss, but she won’t change her ways. but what the earth does give us is something solid to stand on. yes, sometimes we have to move to stay on the solid part but we are gifted with legs so that we don’t have to stay in one place. the earth provides more than enough air for us ALL to breathe. in the rare circumstance that we can’t breathe where we are, we are gifted with a mind to know where to find the fresh air we need.

earth is an environment for us to live in. it’s for us to have a human experience, to move freely from place to place or to collect things and have a space we call home base. and if the earth so chooses, she can take it all, including your life, away in a moments time. life is a gift, and so is every single thing we have. life on earth is abundant for many of us, it would serve us well to remember that.


Yin Yoga Flow 5

This is a whole body restorative practice including poses for the shoulders, upper spine, lower spine, hips and groins. This 60 minute yin yoga practice is for all levels but please be advised, beginners or stiff bodies may need to prop yourself up more than I describe in the practice so be prepared to improvise if needed. This yoga practice is intended to be therapeutic for mind and body, please avoid poses or shapes that are painful in any way (uncomfortable-as-cuss is not the same as painful, try to stick with it if you are not in pain).

Click here to download the audio only for Yin Yoga Flow 5 (hang tight after you click, it might take a second). Click here to just play the audio (not download).

Pranayama + Meditation 3

Pranayama before meditation is a breathing practice to prepare you for sitting in meditation. This practice includes alternate nostril breathing, breathing through one side at a time, a cooling pranayama and inhale/exhale retention.
Then 15 minutes of meditation meant to unite you with the unseen, the unknown, and all that is not you with all that is.

If you’re stressed or your mind has taken over and is running in circles. This 30 minute practice will interrupt your mind’s possession by thoughts and change directions by changing your focus. Breathing and meditation can change the flow of your day and help you to carry on with a lightness as you move forward.

Click here to download the audio only for Pranayama + Meditation 3 (hang tight after you click, it might take a second). Click here to just play the audio (not download).

Heaven vs. Hell

i got this image from thebachbook’s instagram account

what if heaven and hell only exist in the minds of the living. what if descriptions of heaven and hell are only experienced as a living human being — who are the living to say what it’s like to be dead.

what if when you die, you freeze in the exact state in which you were living. what if the moment you die, everything that happened up until your death, had you grateful, humble, accepting, appreciative and kind.

what if you spend decades of your life unsure, scared, unconscious, disappointed, anxious, and in fear — virtually, in a living hell, and then you die… in hell.

what if believing that something as big as heaven or hell exists in the after life influences us to live our lives as if we deserve one or the other.

what if heaven is all about being true to yourself, being aware of every moment in time, embracing life as it is in color and scent, not only accepting but appreciating every thing about everyone and not trying to control anything except your own body, mind, and actions.

what if when you die afraid of what will happen, you can imprison yourself, attached to the lives of the living and keep yourself from moving on. what if that keeps you in an eternal state of fear, anger, disappointment and disgrace — hell.

what if heaven is to be alive, to see, to be conscious, to breathe.

what if hell is to feel (or want to be) dead when you’re alive, to never really see the world around you in all it’s beauty, to never become conscious of what exists behind the curtains and the clouds. what if hell is an out-of-control body and mind. what if when you feel out of control, it’s hard to breathe.

what if you are creating your heaven or hell right now. do you choose to experience each moment with appreciation for life itself, no matter the emotions that arise, accepting every moment as is and moving right along through it with grace and love, comfortable and confident in your mind and body — or — do you choose to experience each moment with disappointment, wanting more or something else, frustrated that things aren’t going your way, with no accountability for the state of your own mind, your own body, or your own actions.

what if heaven on earth is living bravely and on purpose. what if heaven after death is trusting your energy to keep on moving.


Insta Inspiration

so i know social media is kinda taking over the world and even tho i TRY not to spend toooo much time on it, i figure while i’m there i should make sure to be seeing things and people that inspire me the most. i even clean up those that i follow ever so often to get rid of the junk posts or people that no longer spark anything for me. so in case you are looking for some new social media inspiration, here are a few of my current favorites on Instagram:

1. Kerri Verna: beachyogagirl

this chick seems to be a lot like me in the way that her intention is to share her own practice with others. she’s a handstand expert and posts handstand exercises almost daily. i love all the variation in her practices and exercises, it gives me tons of inspiration for my own handstand practice.

2. Jordan Bach: thebachbook

this guy is full of soul-empowering inspiration whether it’s from him or others that light a fire within him, he’s full of things that lift me up, make me think and challenge me. he’s honest, he’s real and he lets his freak flag fly – just my kind of guy 🙂

3. Dee Dee Lantzy: deedeefoodini

deedee is actually a buddy of mine who feeds me the BEST food with the BEST ingredients. she inspires me to keep trying new things in the kitchen and to not only keep it simple, but to use whole ingredients. her recipes are quick for those on the go or mom’s with kiddo chaos that need to be efficient.

4. Dr. Andreo Spina: drandreospina

dre’s knowledge and understanding of the body completely changed the way i feel, the way i think, and the way i teach. i’ve attended two of his seminars and after using his methods for only a short time, i’ve experienced greater flexibility and vast improvements in my joint strength and mobility.

5. Kathryn Young’s Yoga Detour: yogadetour

this yoga teacher, who also attended dre’s training (the guy above), is not only very knowledgeable about the functionality of the body during movements in yoga, but she’s full of awesome tips and tricks to help gain strength and access to a variety of yoga poses and exercises.