Before You Practice

i like to say a few things before the classes i teach in studios. above is a video with the majority of those things i like to remind students before practicing. check it out, you might find one or more of my tips useful.

I have 3 personal intentions for every yoga practice.

1. Rest when my body or mind calls for it.

whether it’s my body or my mind reaching exhaustion, rest helps me to reset. resting can happen in any moment or in any pose from child’s pose to a forward fold or even standing in mountain. i know i’m capable of physically or mentally pushing through the tough parts of a yoga practice but i also know when i lose my full and undivided attention on what i’m doing, there’s a higher probability of me injuring myself or moving in ways that do not serve my body in the moment. so i rest whenever i need it and you should too, i’m not the boss of you 😉

2. March to the beat of my own drum.

in most yoga classes i attend the students move with the instructors guidance without a breath in between. if the instructor says inhale, the class inhales, but i need to finish my exhale before i can inhale, so i do that first, then move as instructed to do WITH my inhale — this leaves me always a step behind the guidance of the instructor. this is my wish for you, to be behind every cue, not right on top of it. listen first, to you and to the guidance, THEN respond, in your own time, with your own breath. move with purpose in all ways and always.

3. Support my weaknesses while exploring my strengths.

i use blocks, straps, and blankets to assist my body in my yoga practice. these things aren’t crutches or safety nets, they’re just plain old support for when i need it. and i am the only person who knows when i need it. you are the only person who knows when you need a prop. in each moment i explore my strengths and the state that my body is in, when i sense my weaknesses compromising the pose of the movements, i use my props or always have them handy just in case. you don’t need guidance or permission to use a prop for any pose. get creative, listen to the needs of your body then respond accordingly. supporting yourself in your time of need is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.


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