Dance. No seriously tho, fuck*ng dance!

dancing is an interesting subject and it’s VERY personal. i have friends that “won’t dance”, they just won’t do it. i know others that will if they must, some that like to and others that live to. we’re all over the map. people say they don’t know how to dance — “part of us has always known how to dance, and when we do, we remember, that the users manual we picked up on the way to this planet is in our guts”.

what if there was a channel you could tune your mind to where every memory you have of dancing is wiped from your knowledge. including dance moves… would you move your head when you hear a pleasing beat. would you feel the sound of the instruments resonating inside of you and the inside of you resonating back to the sound of the instruments. would you get out of your seat in order to feel the rhythm of the beat. would you let sound flow through you the way your blood does and surrender to your human body’s need to move freely.

or would you stay seated because it feels awkward to move. or because you know the labels from the dancing judges range from “awful”, or “horrific”, or “pathetic”, to “great”, or “fantastic” or “a perfect 10” — and you have your own idea of what end of that scale your dancing falls on. fear to look like a fool is fear of living. if you have a fear of living, i’m pretty sure looking fear in the face and dancing as silly and as foolishly as you can is one way of practicing letting go. because your nervous system is listening and can’t always remember the last time you wiggled around in an unordered, round about, unpredictable, “awkward” way. what if feeling awkward is part of what dancing is all about — letting yourself just BE awkward.

“what if we could rise up from where we’re rooted
to meet each other like a long lost harmony,
dance as if we shared the same 5 senses,
as if our feet were planted on the same small planet,
our veins running the same red blood —

we’d forget why we ever stopped listening,
we’d forget why we fought ourselves in the first place,
we’d forget why we fight each other,
we’d forget all the made up lessons we learned along the way
because we didn’t have to go to school for this.

this is who we are,
this is what were made of,
this is why we came here,
we came to dance”

We Came To Dance.

I didn't become a DJ because I was a music geek.I did it because of how I feel when I dance.It's a feeling every human deserves to have as frequently as possible, and it's something that might just change everything about how we live our lives.Everything we need is already inside us, just waiting to be moved. Epic Dance Parties + Free DJ Mixes Weekly: www.tashablank.comSpecial thanks to all the amazing people who helped make this video a reality:Matt Mcbrayer – Post Productionwww.matthewmcbrayer.comRobert Lux – Music www.robertlux.comTasha Blank – Concept, Production, Script, Voiceoverwww.tashablank.comKevin Arbouet – Yuan-Vogel – Director of Blank – Montgomery – Post Audio Engineer/Mixerwww.audionick.comFlex Dance Program – Moves + Good Deedswww.flexdanceprogram.comFilmed at The Get Down @ Verboten New YorkFeatured Dancers:Mackenzie AmaraTasha BlankAkil DavisAsha FlashaHarrison Holmes Jonathan JanisJeezyTash KouriElliott LaRuePoppy Liu PtahKate RubensHelen TocciMarlon Williams

Posted by Tasha Blank on Thursday, January 21, 2016

dancing is like yoga, the first few times you try it you feel absolutely awkward but as you keep trying it you get some moves down and it becomes less and less unfamiliar and therefore less and less awkward. so it’s only awkward when it’s unfamiliar and it’s only unfamiliar if you never dance 🙂 so go dance your ass off, free some of those pent up fear demons.

“every time we breath i inhale part of you and exhale part of me”


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