Enough vs Abundance

“enough” is a concept of the mind. to have enough, not enough or more than enough is how the mind perceives. “abundance” is a concept of the heart. to have abundance is the truth of the heart. there is no “not abundance” or “more than abundance” because the heart doesn’t perceive life this way. even when you have nothing, not even clothes or food, not enough, you have an abundance of air to breathe. you always have abundance. when you die, you are no longer “you” (the label of a human) you have neither “enough” nor “abundance” when you don’t have life.

“Enough” is a concept of the mind. “Abundance” is a concept of the heart.

so no matter what life brings you, or doesn’t bring you, if you listen to your heart, you can feel, and you can perceive, abundance. but when you listen to the mind, everything is categorized as enough, not enough, or more than enough. more than enough is wonderful, not enough is uncomfortable and enough is… enough. abundance is as it is.

my mind tells me over and over all about “enough” — probably everyday. my mind wants to always know where i stand as far as “enough”. when i don’t have enough, my mind creates emotions out of feelings of lack, or insecurity. when i have more than enough, my mind creates emotions of joy and comfort. when i have enough, my mind allows contentment but all of these things are temporary. no matter if i have enough, not enough of more than enough, it is all short lived. it always changes, and a lot of the time, much is out of my control.

when i feel i have abundance, it is infinite. it cannot be taken away by external things because abundance lies within. it’s only when my mind is the voice i listen to that i lose my sense of abundance. the voice of the heart is soft, but it is steady, and it is strong. it’s like listening to your heart beat. it’s always there, continuously pumping, it doesn’t even really ever get louder per say, it just changes in pulse and pressure. both of which make it easier to feel but doesn’t really make it “louder”. the heart is easier to hear when you use your body, but it’s no less present when you are still.

so the shift from perceiving “enough” to “abundance” has nothing to do with what you have, and everything to do with how you listen.


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