Faith, Fears, Dreams & Doubts

“Make your faith larger than your fears and your dreams larger than your doubts.”

Robin Sharma

my faith is strong. i’ve even said that my faith is so strong that i step out into nothingness and know that a yellow brick road will form under my feet with every step i take. i am always supported by this universe and no matter what is thrown my way, as long as i trust in the process, those bricks will never stop showing up as i walk into the unknown.

don’t get me wrong, shit happens that can bring me down or cause me to fall, but my expectations don’t exclude falling down and feeling pain. i’ve read a million times about letting go of expectations but i prefer the animaniacs way of thinking “expect the unexpected”. that seems to embody the bigger picture because my lil human will expect things no matter what i do or how i see. i expect things to go well but i expect things to break and crash and burn. i expect things to be amazing and perfect, but i expect amazing and perfect to look however they please not how i imagine.

i never want to say i keep my expectations low, because that doesn’t seem like a great space for manifestation, but to expect the unexpected, i must be unattached to any expectations i do have. i think it’s important to expect great things but often it’s more important to be surprised and have expectations be unfulfilled.

fear is truth. truth that what i expect, won’t necessarily be what is. truth that if i am attached to something, there will come a time when my grasp will come up empty handed. fear is the truth of unknown possibility, that i am not open to. fear is the truth that i don’t have control of much. fear is the truth that no matter what my life consists of, i am going to die before very long.

dreams are possibilities. whether they are close to my reach or require some foot work to get there, dreams are what keep me moving forward. dreams keep me seeing and believing in every possibility. but fear is the truth that brings doubt, because i won’t reach many of my dreams. but dreams aren’t always necessarily meant to be reached, sometimes they are the carrots dangling in front of our noses, just out of reach, so that we keep moving towards something whether it is actually achievable or not.

i think often times we let the truth talk us out of having dreams by letting doubt take the place of possibility. and i think we let our fear of the truth keep us from having faith because so many factors are out of our control. but no matter how we choose to live, no matter how we move forward, possibility never ceases to exist, and our dreams only fuel those possibilities. and no matter how many times your expectations are not fulfilled, the unexpected will always bring beauty and light into your life if you are open to it.


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