Growing Pains

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i encourage you to continuously change. nothing in the world ever stays the same, so why would you?

i flourish when walking the line between discomfort and ease. it’s where i grow. but growth is not easy, it takes real effort, and for me, it doesn’t usually feel good or particularly comfortable. however, growth is necessary and as long as i can see myself and the discomfort i back away from, i will continue to put myself back up on that bull, seated at the heart of discomfort, alert and ready to be challenged. why do i do this to myself? because it has become increasingly more apparent to me that i cannot grow while i am in a state of complete contentment. of course this state of contentment and ease is the place i gravitate to all day, err-day.

when i see myself staying in the safe zone, free from discomfort or pain, free from getting my ass kicked, then i see the truth about my human nature: my human prefers to stay small, to stay comfortable, to create as much ease in my life as possible and to keep things the way they are as long as i’m still in this happy, comfortable place. but when i rest in this place, pain always finds me. in this comfort, in this ease, my mind is settled but my vision is clouded. it is inevitable that before long, my heart will speak of feeling caged, my spirit will let me know it’s greatness is being stunted, and my soul will feel like a big fish in a small pond.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

Anaïs Nin

and so the time comes, where i continuously challenge my comfort, where i pick on my own habits that keep me at ease, and i take myself to the places that make me squirm, that get me to hold my breath, and knock me out of my comfort zone. this is the playground where i flourish, where i learn and where i grow. no other place fuels me as much, pushes me as much or prepares me as much for what is to come. uncertainty is certain to come, are you prepared for the pain, the discomfort and the challenge or will it knock you off your feet? sometimes i grow with grace, and other times it’s a big beautiful mess. both are absolutely perfect as long as i don’t end up the same when i come out the other side.


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