Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga Flow 3

This, just short of a 75 minute practice, was created to go slow, to move intentionally and to feel the body every step of the way. Advanced yogis may love this practice as a chance to slow down and go deeper into the roots of their practice while beginners may find the intensity level of this practice just right. Wherever you are in your practice, this is a simple and grounding flow to get you to feel your feet to your fingertips, and everything in between. This yoga practice is intended to be therapeutic for mind and body, please avoid poses or shapes that are painful in any way (uncomfortable-as-cuss is not the same as painful, try to stick with it if you are not in pain).

Click here to download the audio only for Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga Flow 3 (hang tight after you click, it might take a second). Click here to just play the audio (not download).

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