Heaven vs. Hell

i got this image from thebachbook’s instagram account

what if heaven and hell only exist in the minds of the living. what if descriptions of heaven and hell are only experienced as a living human being — who are the living to say what it’s like to be dead.

what if when you die, you freeze in the exact state in which you were living. what if the moment you die, everything that happened up until your death, had you grateful, humble, accepting, appreciative and kind.

what if you spend decades of your life unsure, scared, unconscious, disappointed, anxious, and in fear — virtually, in a living hell, and then you die… in hell.

what if believing that something as big as heaven or hell exists in the after life influences us to live our lives as if we deserve one or the other.

what if heaven is all about being true to yourself, being aware of every moment in time, embracing life as it is in color and scent, not only accepting but appreciating every thing about everyone and not trying to control anything except your own body, mind, and actions.

what if when you die afraid of what will happen, you can imprison yourself, attached to the lives of the living and keep yourself from moving on. what if that keeps you in an eternal state of fear, anger, disappointment and disgrace — hell.

what if heaven is to be alive, to see, to be conscious, to breathe.

what if hell is to feel (or want to be) dead when you’re alive, to never really see the world around you in all it’s beauty, to never become conscious of what exists behind the curtains and the clouds. what if hell is an out-of-control body and mind. what if when you feel out of control, it’s hard to breathe.

what if you are creating your heaven or hell right now. do you choose to experience each moment with appreciation for life itself, no matter the emotions that arise, accepting every moment as is and moving right along through it with grace and love, comfortable and confident in your mind and body — or — do you choose to experience each moment with disappointment, wanting more or something else, frustrated that things aren’t going your way, with no accountability for the state of your own mind, your own body, or your own actions.

what if heaven on earth is living bravely and on purpose. what if heaven after death is trusting your energy to keep on moving.


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