Inspiration Within Us All

Inspiration comes in many forms, but the greatest form it comes from is within people. People inspire people. Just by being one possible human, you inspire what is possible for others too. It’s not about becoming a clone of people you admire most, it’s about seeing the little things each individual person does that you feel you can take and do something with yourself.

One of my greatest inspirations comes from writers like Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book “Big Magic” is a testament to what she knows to be true, inspiration flows through all of us. She talks about revealing the hidden treasure within yourself and dares you to have the courage to let whatever it is within you shine big and bright for the world to see.

I draw inspiration from people’s stories, from hearing their “why”, from hearing what drives them to do the big magical things they do. When i see why they do what they do, i look within myself to discover my own “why” and how to serve, contribute and make a difference to all that “why” that is so important to me and me alone. This lights my inspiration, my passion, and my drive ablaze.

Peach’s Need Feet is a non-profit organization that I have seen grow and bloom over and over again throughout the years. I love the family and tribe that runs it and they show me on a daily basis how to get things done, through very hard work, and fiery passion. I’ve also seen the many yoga studios I’ve worked in or practiced in grow and bloom throughout the years and I’ve come to see what it takes and how time and time again I would like to do things differently.

Since moving to this amazing small town of Salina, Kansas I’ve found the courage to finally take steps towards uncovering the treasure within myself. I’ve decided to say out loud “I am going to open a non-profit yoga and art studio”. Wooo it’s still scary to say that and put it out there but, I’m brave, I’m courageous and my why is shining big and bright for me to see every single day.

Am I ready for the hard work and challenges it will take to make this dream, this plan, come to life? HELL NO. But I’m not scared of hard work and challenges. I’m ready to step up to the plate and start swinging. I can’t always hit homeruns and there is always the possibility of striking out but like Elizabeth Gilbert says, ideas (inspirations) want to be made real, and if I don’t act on this dream that is buried deep within my heart it will go somewhere else and find someone else to bring it to life. I don’t want my idea or my inspiration to leave me, I want to let it flow out of me so that I can inspire others to do the same. So here goes nothin… or rather here goes EVERYTHING.

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