Insta Inspiration

so i know social media is kinda taking over the world and even tho i TRY not to spend toooo much time on it, i figure while i’m there i should make sure to be seeing things and people that inspire me the most. i even clean up those that i follow ever so often to get rid of the junk posts or people that no longer spark anything for me. so in case you are looking for some new social media inspiration, here are a few of my current favorites on Instagram:

1. Kerri Verna: beachyogagirl

this chick seems to be a lot like me in the way that her intention is to share her own practice with others. she’s a handstand expert and posts handstand exercises almost daily. i love all the variation in her practices and exercises, it gives me tons of inspiration for my own handstand practice.

2. Jordan Bach: thebachbook

this guy is full of soul-empowering inspiration whether it’s from him or others that light a fire within him, he’s full of things that lift me up, make me think and challenge me. he’s honest, he’s real and he lets his freak flag fly – just my kind of guy 🙂

3. Dee Dee Lantzy: deedeefoodini

deedee is actually a buddy of mine who feeds me the BEST food with the BEST ingredients. she inspires me to keep trying new things in the kitchen and to not only keep it simple, but to use whole ingredients. her recipes are quick for those on the go or mom’s with kiddo chaos that need to be efficient.

4. Dr. Andreo Spina: drandreospina

dre’s knowledge and understanding of the body completely changed the way i feel, the way i think, and the way i teach. i’ve attended two of his seminars and after using his methods for only a short time, i’ve experienced greater flexibility and vast improvements in my joint strength and mobility.

5. Kathryn Young’s Yoga Detour: yogadetour

this yoga teacher, who also attended dre’s training (the guy above), is not only very knowledgeable about the functionality of the body during movements in yoga, but she’s full of awesome tips and tricks to help gain strength and access to a variety of yoga poses and exercises.

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