Knees, Groins & Hamstrings 1

The knees, groins and hamstrings don’t always get as much love and attention as they deserve so I’ve put this lil set of poses and exercises together to emphasize not only leg connective tissue stretching but some joint mobility and flexibility strength training as well. I imagine this practice is great for those with past knee or low back injuries, tight hamstrings, tight hips/groins or stiff/achey lower body movement in general. These poses and exercises are simple but can be extremely challenging depending on the state your body is in. Don’t let the challenge scare you away because if you stick with it, this will have a great impact on your body.

Click here to download the audio only for Knees, Groins & Hamstrings 1 (hang tight after you click, it might take a second). Click here to just play the audio (not download).

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