Loss & Abundance

796Deep South Flooding
Max Becherer AP Photo

loss seems to be a frequent experience these days. right this minute there is flooding here where i live and fires in california. and i’m sure there are many more things going on in the world at this very moment destroying lives or what we have worked so hard for, and simultaneously creating the experience we feel as “loss”.

before we installed all this cement here, the earth would do what it needed to cleanse itself from time to time. almost like mother nature intends to kill the life that cannot survive extreme conditions. like she means to actually destroy some things in order to clear and cleanse the space to make room for new growth, for new life to flourish.

fires have burned the land long before man was around to try and stop them from burning. forest fires are necessary to promote new growth and regardless if men try to control it or not, fires will burn.

since we are creatures of the earth, and the earth needs to be cleared and cleansed from time to time, we are meant to experience that with the earth. when the earth is cleansing and clearing, we are going to be cleansed and cleared with it.

what we should remember is that, the reason we experience loss, is because we have created things to lose. we took from the earth we live on and we have created more things than could ever be counted. we even take mates and create new life.

we have created tools for survival. we have created inventions for efficiency. we have invented things to do the work for us. we have built homes, and gardens and farms so that we can stay in one place. in our homes we’ve even saved space to collect the things that we may or may not have any use for. we have engineered machines and tracks for machines to move us great distances that our feet could never take us to. and what an amazing life and opportunity to get to experience all that mankind has to offer here and now.

but with all of this creating and collecting of possessions, we have accumulated things to lose. we are born onto this planet with only our own skin and bones and we take nothing more with us when we die. therefore everything we call our own, is truly borrowed from the earth.

and whether or not we borrow from earth or we don’t, mother nature will continue to find balance by any means necessary. the earth has no concern with what lives and what dies. and the earth doesn’t have a human mind to pay attention to our desire to hold onto possessions.

the earth, does what it does to maintain balance with and without respect to human kind. we could be angry with mother nature for the death, destruction and loss, but she won’t change her ways. but what the earth does give us is something solid to stand on. yes, sometimes we have to move to stay on the solid part but we are gifted with legs so that we don’t have to stay in one place. the earth provides more than enough air for us ALL to breathe. in the rare circumstance that we can’t breathe where we are, we are gifted with a mind to know where to find the fresh air we need.

earth is an environment for us to live in. it’s for us to have a human experience, to move freely from place to place or to collect things and have a space we call home base. and if the earth so chooses, she can take it all, including your life, away in a moments time. life is a gift, and so is every single thing we have. life on earth is abundant for many of us, it would serve us well to remember that.


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