Motivation to Move

i asked my yogi email list if there was anything anyone was curious about and one of my friends asked me two things, 1. for tips on working towards handstand poses and 2. (my words) how do you light a fire under your ass to get “moving”?

there are so many answers to these questions, my answer to #2 is my first answer to #1, so i’m starting my handstands tips and tricks there.

so how do you light a fire under your ass to get yourself moving? i think it boils down to a few key elements: accountability, discipline, will, and desire. if you’ve got 3 of those 4 goin strong, you’ll find that motivation you need because that IS your fire.

accountability only works if you are the kind of person that means what you say, and doesn’t make a commitment without considering the challenges and choosing to truly stick to it, regardless of those challenges that will occur.

discipline, a choice you make without letting your emotions, excuses or limitations get in the way. it’s almost not even a choice at all because you are more than 100% committed to IT. IT just IS what you do, IT becomes part of you.

will is like drive. the inner, mindful, heartfelt stuff that keeps you going. will is often the spark of the fire. it’s determination, it’s like the motor that propels your soul to continuously gain and to continuously grow.

desire goes deeper than just what you “want”. every single experience and influence throughout your entire life shapes what your desires become. listen to the desires of your heart & the desires of your mind to see what continuously shows up.

here’s how 3 out of 4 work for me:
my accountability – my mate and i go to the gym every morning at 5am. we hold each other accountable for waking up to get there. it’s an unspoken agreement between the two of us that we don’t break. having another person grants easy accountability but personal accountability is a whole other ballgame. i’ve put myself out there on the web and social media displaying my intentions to share my yoga practice. because i’m the kind of person that means what I say, i feel shitty when i don’t follow through.

my discipline – my discipline is shit. the reason i go to the gym at 5am every morning is because my mate does. i want to, but i just cannot make myself do it like he does (thank goodness for accountability!). so i piggyback off his discipline since mine is #weaksauce.

my will – i have a strong will to “live the highest vision of what is possible” (inga grace) and “to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that [i] have lived and lived well” (ralph waldo emerson). my strong will seems like a natural and instinctive thing for me, no work required.

my desires – they are many, but when it comes to my body, i have to do what i can. i’ve got things that hurt, and swell, and frustrate the cuss out of me, seemingly many things that are not possible for me but my stronger desire to explore what IS possible, shows up constantly. yoga is my outlet in that way, you never get to the end of mastering yoga, so there is endless possibility. when mindful movements and body control are my focus, i can do SO much that the things i can’t do seem like very little. i have desire to constantly be curious, and to consistently grow, but my ultimate, motivating desire is to stay comfortable in my body for as long as i live. mindful movement and mindful eating grants me that desire, and gaining strength only further improves my level of comfort.

if you can’t commit, your gains and improvements will take longer and may not be supported (meaning potential injury). ^^^ this ^^^ is how i light a fire under my ass and how i recommend you commit to your own practice, whatever it is. if you can’t apply 3 out of 4 of these things to your motivation to handstand (or to do whatever you’re looking to do), find something else that you can motivate yourself to do.

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