The following are Spotify playlists that I’ve made of the music I play when I teach. They aren’t specifically made for videos on the site but i made it simple, hatha music goes with hatha videos and yin goes with yin. Ying/yang will be a mix of hatha and yin tunes but you can always make your own playlist with these tunes and more (or less). You just have to signup and download at Unfortunately, when you don’t pay for Spotify, it plays the songs in the playlist at random and that’s just how it is.

If you’re wondering how you can play music and a audio/video at the same time, there are a couple ways. The obvious way would be using two devices, but if you have a laptop you can open two tabs at once in your internet browser or have Spotify (the download) going plus my website up at the same time.

Let Go & Let Yin In

Let It Flow (Yin/Yang)




Sol Flow Sunday