The Power of Manifestation


Every single moment in your life has been manifested by all that came before that moment.

Before you were born, your parents manifested you through thoughts, words and actions. Once you were born, between you, your parents and the world, your present was manifested.

The balance of power we have to create a life we desire and that is supported by the soul of the world shifts throughout our lives. The smaller you are, the less of an impact you have on the world so most everything that came to be for you in your life as a child came more from your parents and their relationship with the world than it came from you. As an adult, you have the power to impact the world on a greater scale just by understanding your place in it. Your power grows with your knowledge, your exploration and your observation of life and the world in which you live. So naturally, as you mature, physically and mentally, you gain power.

Power isn’t something that can be managed well by many, it takes a graceful finesse to use it in a beautiful, purposeful way. For example, give a child too much power to make decisions for him or herself and the child will almost certainly not use this power for the greater good of his or her world, but merely the greater feel good of his or herself because a child knows it’s place in the world as very big and important, in the small group of eyes that is looking upon him or her.

The more you mature, the more you see how your impact on the world can be much greater on others than it can be on yourself. That knowledge is power, but only maturity and good intentions can show you how to use that power responsibly. When you’re a teenager, and some how some way you turned out to be “cool” you can use that power to keep that status and show everyone how cool you are, or, you can use that cool power to show everyone who’s looking at you how kindness to and appreciation for everyone makes you exponentially “cooler”.

Power also comes to you when you’re high up in a company, appearing you are in a successful place. Or it comes to you when you have children. Or you become a teacher. Power is granted when people are looking at you and what you think, say and do matters to the people looking at you. How you use your power, what you see in yourself, and who you think you are, will be the deciding factors of what you manifest in your life.

When you’re the coolest guy in your school and you think, “because I’m so cool, the hottest girl in school should be my girlfriend.” So you go after that girl that is the most flattering and she says “yes” to being your girlfriend because you are the coolest guy in school, then you have used your power to solely benefit yourself.

When what you see in yourself is uncertainty; and you think you are “cool” because other people said you are; and you use your cool status to justify in your mind that you deserve or need something; thus trying to keep that image that other people have of you, that you have now made for yourself; then, everything you think, say and do, depends on what other people think. It’s not what you think, because you are uncertain so you just went along with the crowd.

The soul of the world IS knowledge, it’s consciousness, it’s wisdom. The soul of the world is God, it is love, it is TRUTH. TRUTH sees your every thought, your every word, and your every action. Eventually, the hottest girl in school will see the TRUTH behind the coolest guy in school’s actions. The truth will always be revealed in time.

So the present moment you are living in, IS your TRUTH. It is your manifestation that has been created through your thoughts, words, actions, power, truth and time. To manifest a present for yourself that is your definition of ‘heaven on earth’ you must find a deep sense of balance rooted into where you came from, everything you’ve been through to get yourself here, and how well you absorb the truth about all of those manifesting forces.

Every single thing you think, say and do has an impact on yourself and the ocean of life that exists in this world. Can you see yourself in the flow and see the waves you are making by being you? Do you accept responsibility for the way the water flows through you and the ripple you put out? Will you embrace the TRUTH that the impact you have on this world, is solely created by you over the time you spend alive here?


I do.
I do.
I do.

I see, I accept, and I embrace the truth.

Do you?

* note: Sometime between Sept 16th and Sept 18th of 2012, this picture was taken by a dear friend of mine. It marks a special moment in time for me because it was the moment I woke the cuss up and started manifesting this reality that is passing in front of me now. I thought about, worked towards, and created this into truth. and it only took 5 years 🙂 if you know me, if you know what i’m working on, if you could see the support i’m receiving from this community, and how happy I am in my life, then you also know… this is my heaven on earth.


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